Adult Parole Authority – Budget Update

To say the deck was stacked against us would be an understatement. But when Parole Officers unite through their Union, we win! 

Because of our collective efforts meeting with legislators, making phone calls and sending emails, we were able to make a positive impact on community safety in Ohio and avoided a potential layoff/bumping situation that could have displaced as many as 120 of our SEIU/1199 Parole Officer positions in the Adult Parole Authority.

The work our Union did on the state budget allows counties to make the choice between accepting one-time money to fund their own county probation services with no guarantee for future funding or continuing the partnership our counties have with our well-trained, professional APA Parole Officers. The counties make the choice – not ODRC/APA. 

Just because the state budget is done does not mean our fight is over. With your continued leadership and activism, we will continue to work hard to reduce your caseload sizes, hire additional Parole Officers and allow you to retire with dignity.

Through the leadership of President Becky Williams and our APA Union delegates, our Union has launched a six-figure, state-wide media campaign in support of our Parole Officers. This campaign has three main objectives: 

  1. We want Ohioans to know the truth about Parole Officers. That you are hard-working, professional law enforcement officers dedicated to keeping our communities safe from violent criminals and sexual predators. 
  2. We want Ohioans to know the current system is broken. We are exposing the extreme breaches in the way APA chooses to supervise these offenders and calling for small caseloads and active GPS technology. 
  3. We want Ohioans to know that ODRC, the Governor and the State Legislature has the power to fix this broken system. So we are directing people to make calls, send letters and write emails to their lawmakers to demand action on these important issues. 

You can see some of the campaign elements by visiting our website here: SAFEROHIO.COM

Feel free to share the website, the radio ad or the commercial on our personal social media accounts and ask your family, friends and co-workers to do the same. 

Our Union is fighting for Ohio’s Parole Officers because WHEN WE FIGHT, WE WIN! 

Also, if you haven’t yet signed your Union membership card, please do so today by clicking here. It is through our collective strength as Union members that we are able to fund fight-back campaigns like this and ensure that you receive the dignity, rights and respect your deserve. 

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