Action Alert: Senate Tax Bill Will Raise Taxes For Many Working Families

The United States Senate is likely to vote on a damaging tax proposal this week. This bill would be detrimental to our health care system and raise taxes for many working families. Among other provisions:

• The tax bill would raise taxes on families earning less than $75,000 and threaten Medicaid and Pell Grants.
• This plan will increase the deficit by $1.4 trillion and put critical programs such as Social Security at risk. 
• The proposal would be harmful to people with student loans, leave 13 million people without health care coverage, and raise health care premium costs.
• The bill would cut taxes for the 1% and corporations at the expense of working families in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. 

We are urging members of the United States Senate to vote “NO” on this bill and it is important to make our voices heard. Tax reform is needed but must be done properly – tax cuts for the wealthy should not come at the expense of working families.

Tell your senator to vote “NO” on cutting taxes for corporations and the 1% by putting our health care system at-risk, increasing the deficit, and raising taxes for low-income households and the middle class. Contact Senator Rob Portman (Ohio), Senator Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia), or Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky), by calling 866-426-2631

Read More: “CBO Estimates Deficit Would Increase by $1.4T Over Next Decade Under Senate GOP Tax Plan,” CBS News, 11/27/2017. 

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