Abrupt Shutdown of Juvenile Correctional Facility Questioned

Closure of Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility leaves workers without jobs and robs kids of chance for recovery

Delaware, OH – The rapid closure of Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility has left workers stunned and may upend the rehabilitation of 38 youth offenders.

In a hastily prepared letter to employees, Director of the Department of Youth Services Harvey Reed, informed workers that the facility would cease to operate on May 3, 2014. Citing a drop in population, the Director stated that closing the facility would improve efficiency of operations.

“This was a shock to our members,” said Josh Norris, Director of the Public Division at SEIU District 1199. “Workers found out about the closing through conversations with colleagues at other institutions, rather than the normal proper channels. Instead of being up front, the administration broke our trust and completed muddled their relationship with workers. This is shameful and unprofessional conduct.”

“We have long tried to develop positive relationships with this Agency and Director and want to insure positive outcomes for the youth as well as our members. These cuts right before the holidays and failure to provide members with the proper notification and any level of respect for the years of service and dedication those 1199 members have devoted to their respective professions, and that dedication and devotion apparently has little value to the powers that be at DYS.”

“We have been suspecting and hearing rumors that this might happen and have continued to ask management if this was a realistic possibility, and have been continually told no, as recently as two weeks ago in a labor-management forum with DYS.”

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