Representation Specialist (MRC)


Title:                           Representation Specialist

Department:            Member Resource Center (MRC)


The position represents members at all levels of the grievance procedure for multiple chapters by reading and interpreting collective bargaining agreement language, researching grievance issues, and negotiating with employers.

Ensures grievances are filed and timelines met for every step of the grievance process according to each collective bargaining agreement; prepares for and represents members at grievance mediations several times per month; prepares grievances for arbitration; represents grievant in arbitration proceedings; negotiates grievance settlements; represents members from certain chapters at lower-level grievance meetings; and assists with requests made over-the-phone when necessary.

Qualified applicants must be able to act and organize their time independently while maintaining a close relationship with the supervisor.

Job Duties & Expectations:

  1. Tracks grievances and appeals grievances to higher levels when necessary to remain within CBA timelines
  2. Advocates on behalf of grievant(s) at mediations and arbitrations
  3. Prepares for hearings by talking to grievant(s) and delegates
  4. Submits information requests to employers
  5. Assists other MRC staff in preparation for arbitration
  6. Advocates on behalf of the Union in internal union appeals
  7. Coordinates and schedules hearings for certain chapters
  8. Files unfair labor practice (ULP) charges with the NLRB and SERB
  9. Negotiates with employers to settle outstanding grievances
  10. Ability to identify arbitrable issues in grievances
  11. Ability explain the issues and the union’s interpretation of contract language in an easily understood manner
  12. Superior time management skills to ensure adequate preparation for hearings
  13. Ability to identify documents necessary to arbitrate grievance
  14. Answers Phones when Necessary
  15. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  16. Ability to work under pressure

Working Conditions: 

MRC Organizers may be required to work long and irregular hours, to work on weekends and holidays when necessary. 

To Apply:

Email or fax to 614-461-1549, a résumé in which you respond to each of the criteria, a letter explaining why you want to do this work, and names with contact information of three references. Place “Representation Specialist (MRC)” in the subject line. Women and people of color are urged to apply.

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